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You won't find a more pleasant and professional person to work with than Jacob DelaRosa. He will go above and beyond to get the shot while making you feel at ease...and looking good too. Quick turn around on getting your photos back was a great surprise , we had a wonderful experience working with him and I am sure anyone else will too.

- Victor and Misty Binkerd -

Owners and Operators of:

The Sterling Castle

Happy Customers

Jacob delaRosa came through for me when I was in a pinch. I needed last minute event coverage during a big show I was playing in Birmingham, Alabama and he was there on very short notice to capture the night perfectly with his amazing footage! Now whenever I am in Jacob's area performing he is my go to guy for photography. I would highly recommend him for your photography or event coverage needs! I'm lucky to be able to call this very talented photographer/videographer my friend.

- Brian Dawe -

(Celebrity DJ appeared on VH1, TMZ, US Magazine and more.)

Happy Customer

Jacob delaRosa is one of the more talented photographers I've worked with. He has an eye for it. Some photographers have gotten to the point of over editing pictures, but not Jacob. He can snap a shot & it looks amazing with little or no retouch. Jacob is patient, kind, soft spoken, super easy to get along with & all around great guy. I say this from experience.

- Melanie Nix -

Happy Customer

Our High School Alumni Association in Collinwood, Tennessee has used Jacob delaRosa to photograph the people and activities at our last two annual reunions. Jacob did an outstanding job at both events and made all our attendees very happy with the quality and quantity of his photos. His talented and energetic style always makes it productive, and the outcome always exceeds our expectations. I highly recommend Jacob for any type of photography assignment.

- Louis Smith-

CHS Alumni Association

Happy Customer

We had Jacob delaRosa do our engagement photos and it was easily the best decision we could have made. He was fun, professional, and easy to work with. We'd recommend him to anybody!

- Will and Natalya -

Happy Customers

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